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I modified a preemie pattern I found to make a hat for my son (that matches the scarf I made him). I *really* don't like the way it closes at the top, or maybe I'm just not doing it right, but I had to go searching for a pattern when mom decided she wanted one.

Here's David's, front and side view:

And here's the progress I'm making on mom's:

(Yellow, to match Dad's "Competition Yellow" ZR1 Corvette... retirement splurge. LOL They had all kinds of fun tooling around in it over the summer.)

So anyway, I'm not at all comfortable with making rounds, so I'm a little stuck on what I can do with hats. Does anyone have a GOOD crocheted hat pattern that would be easy for a beginner?

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I'm no help because I'm a knitter...sorry!

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I made one years ago, I don't have any idea where the pattern is though-

Did you check ravalry? what about the library? they often have tons of books full of patterns or magazines (we can sign out older issues of magazines from our library).

It looks good so far- I see what you mean about the top. Are you doing SC rows to narrow it at the top? I'd try using sc or if that's what you're doing already, skip more stitches each row so it doesn't get so pointy at the end, and gathers up faster. Mine was a cable pattern, and was a girl's hat pattern, with a brim rather than the style you're making now.

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When I do hats I just make it the length I want and then drawstring it closed I don't make short rows.

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Woah, that's crochet. It looks like knit rib! I agree to check Ravelry - there are a lot of crochet patterns up there. I don't know enough about crochet to help you out.

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I found some cute ones in Stitch and B*tch The Happy Hooker. Once you learn how to work in rounds though, you'll be making lots of hats Biggrin

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I've tried rounds many times now and it is driving me NUTS. Either I end up with more stitches than the pattern calls for, even when I do exactly what they say, or I have holes when I join the round, or, or, or. *pulling hair out smiley here*