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Hey, I'm from Nov 07 board, and thought Id drop by, as Im starting to knit alot more than I was before and could use with tips and advice occasionally.

Everything I've knit for my son is too big (guage's are something I ignored but starting to pay attention to!), so nothing fits yet for photos.

I have however knit myself a hat and wrist warmers, and started learning how to knit socks, and will be knitting DP a hat, and my sister and cousin hats... We all love our hats over here!

I prefer to knit in DK using fairly biggish needles, so if anyone has any patterns for a 3 month old hat and gloves etc, let me know! I'm also on ravelry (LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!), though not really completed any of the many patterns I've added to my queue. LOL.

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:wavehello: Hi Christine! Welcome to our little corner.

That's part of the beauty in knitting for babies/kids. Eventually they'll fit into it, so you don't have to worry about it being too big!


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Hey, welcome. I love knitting hats, too. They're so much fun and quick. Plus I live in a colder climate, so my family needs hats.

Since you're on Ravelry, I'd suggest doing a search on the patterns tab for "baby hat + (the name of your yarn)" or just browse through the results of a search for "baby hats".