Hey Girls! Im new to this board!

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Hey Girls! Im new to this board!

Hey girls, Im new to this board, but not preg.org. After moving I got busy with life and havnt been to preg.org in over a year. I come back to find all these wonderful new boards!
My name is Kari, Im 24. DH is Anthony, we have 2 boys, Dallas-3 and Lucas-1.5 and we are TTC #3!
I am addicted to CROCHET! This is all I do in my free time! I am so excited to meet more who share my love for the needle arts!
Alot of people make fun of me because they say its a grandmas hobby BUT, when I teach someone how to crochet, they fall just as much in love with it as I do.
I love all crafts though. I have been an artist my entire life.
I look forward to getting to know all of you and if there are other crocheters Please let me know! Smile

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Welcome Kari! I just recently joined and have found the board so helpful! I started knitting a few weeks ago and am totally addicted Biggrin Even if it is a "Grandma's Hobby" Lol
Good luck TTC #3 too! We're TTC #1!

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Welcome! I just tried out my first crochet project ever as a Christmas gift (I'm a knitter for the most part) and I really enjoyed it, once I figured out everything I was doing wrong Lol I plan on doing more of them in the future. I just found a cute baby blanket pattern that I really like in the Lions Brand Catalog, its free on their webstie. I may have to try it out, i know many babies being born in the near future!

Make yourself at home! And if you belong to ravelry, join the "fans of PO" group!

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Welcome. Yes isnt the updated pg.org just fantastic?


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Welcome. I'm addicted to making stuff with just yarn and needles (crochet or knitting). It's also my way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. Please, share your project photos with us. We love to see pictures of finished objects.

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Welcome! I think you're also on my TTC 2nd time board. Your name sounds familiar. I'm also very new here.