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    Default Hey Knittin Chicks!

    Maybe you can help me with this pattern from...well....you know where Sounds super easy, but let me tell you I have started this blanket over 3 times now!! You:

    Cast on 146
    Garter Stitch 10 rows
    and the the pattern proceeds as
    K10 * K2tog (3 times) YO, K1 (6 times) K2tog (3 times)* K10

    Repeat until desired length

    Ok, easy right?! Then way has mine turned out like this each time??

    Oh, nice and pretty

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    Keeps being nice and pretty

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    Then on the last arch I get this crap

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    Now I did reduce the CO to 100 becasue 146 was WAY to big for a baby blanket! You could lose a baby in that thing! So I CO 100 the I did a garter stich border of 10 on either size so I have 80 stiches in the middlef or the pattern itself.

    HELP ME!!

    Oh yeah, by the way my name is Charlotte I'm a run away from the Jan 06 board and I have been kniiting for a little over a year. We had a kintting shop open in our town and a girlfriend of mine thought it would be fun to take some classes. Poor teacher though, I was 8 months preggo when I started the class and I think she has since made a rule "no Preggos" in the starter classes I can't tell you how many times I cried over a dropped stitch. I would have liked to blame it on hormones, but I still do it

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    Hi Charlotte, welcome to the board!

    Quick question about the instructions for the row that produced the actual pattern...

    K10 * K2tog (3 times) YO, K1 (6 times) K2tog (3 times)* K10
    The part that says YO,KI (6 times)

    I'm assuming, to look at your work, that reads as doing both of those 6 times, not just the K1 right? Too look at it I would imagine that has to be a yes, but I just wanted to check to make sure.

    Assumign thats all true....I am not entirely sure what the problem might be, but I can give you a couple of tips...

    1)The repeated pattern in the middle is 18 stitches worth of work total, after counting all the decreases and increases. That is why teh 'workable' section of the blanket in the original pattern (minus the garter stitch border) is a multiple of 18 (126).

    You have 80 workable stitches in yours...which is not a multipel of 18. I highly recommend doing the blanket with a multiple of 18 for the middle section...such as 90, which means you would need to cast on 110 stitches initially.

    2) The other thing I would recommend is after you finished each patterned row, count your stitches to ensure you have the same amount of stitches to work with that you did in the beginning. If its more or less, you might be missing a step somewhere in the pattern, or doing something too many times.

    The second suggestion won't tell you exactly whats wrong, but it will help you or someone here narrow it down to what exactly might be causing the mishap. If you have more...then there are too many increases being done...if you have less, then there are too many decreases being done, or some combination of both.

    Let us know!
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    Hi Charlotte, glad to see you over here!

    It's frustrating when the pattern goes wonky on you. I'll have to study it a little more before I can assist you, though.

    Hey, you should stick around for the knit-a-long.

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    Katie-Oh I am all about a knit-a-long! I just can't mention to my DH, he already thinks I'm just a little out of wack and spends way to much time on preg.org I guess this will just give another reason to pick at me!

    Kim- You knitting god you! After I took the pattern back out I noticed that I HAD casted on 110....brain, don't give out on me now! So I was under counting and in return over stitching!

    So with what you've said I use my 110 stchs and then do a border of my original 10, then it SHOULD (key word there!) work. I don't know you, but I love you!! I guess that was my original plan, but I forgot about those key 10 stchs!

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