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Thought i finally introduce myself. Why didnt i see this earlier?
I love to knit!!!!! Learned it in boarding school and have loved it since, though i had to wait until i had children to like knitting socks again.
I am in knitting heaven right now; 2 nieces and 2 nephews are pg :shock: well actually thier gf are. :oops:
then i am trying to knit myself a summer top out of a thick coton linen novelty yarn given to me that turned out to be 3 colors standed loosely together. Rasberry(linen) orange{chanille cotton} and yellow(cotton) I twisted them apart and am making the top striped.
then there is my circular lacey jacket which needs to be finished but my problem is finding the color to do the sleeves.


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Hi! Welcome to this board! :wavehello:

We've love to see progress pics of things you are making. This board is sometimes slow, I figure it will pick up in the fall, when the weather turns cooler.


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Welcome! :wavehello:

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Welcome! I am your MIA board co-host. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things though! Stick around and show us some pics if you get the chance!