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Home from hospital

So I think I told some of you I found out I needed semi-emergency surgery for a hernia last week.
I just got home from the hospital a couple hours ago and I am in alot of pain and am having on and off nausea. I had to stay overnight and I honestly should have probobly stayed over a second night with the way I feel, but I told them I wanted to go home.
I really couldnt be happier with my surgery and hospital stay though, I swear I had the nicest nurses Ive ever met!
When I first went in on Tuesday, they took me back to pre-op and my Dr came in. She had another Dr. with her and was like,' Hi Kari, it just so happens that I ran into my plastic surgeon friend this morning and it just so happens he has some free time this morning to assit me with your surgery".
I was so happy, I honestly wanted to cry! I mean, nothing ever goes right likr this for me, seriously!
SO, I ended up getting a professional mini tummy tuck with a professional plastic surgeon during my hernia surgery.
When she opened me up, she found the one large hernia we expected and then also found multiple smaller hernias as well. So, my surgery ended up being alot more involved than we originaly thought. I had to have it repaired with a mesh piece that was sewn into my muscle. I originally wasnt going to have the mesh put in due to me not being done with having children and the size of my babies. BUT since it was so severe she had no other choice, but she says it will not effect any future pregnancies.
When I first got a glimpse of my stomache last night, I was literally in tears! Apart from the couple stretch marks I have, my tummy looks just like it did before pregnancy!
Im looking forward to what a real tummy tuck is going to do for me when I finally am done having kids! Plastic surgery is seriously amazing. I am not a vain person at all, but I honestly feel so much better about myself now!
Anyways, back to my story.
When I first woke up from surgery, my IV had gotten pulled out somehow so I had NO pain medication! I started balling my eyes out it hurt so bad! I never saw a nurse move so fast to get a new IV in! After that, they gave me so much morphine that they said I was having trouble breathing. It wasnt anything serious and I wasnt in any danger or anything, but those moments without medicine were very dramatic!
After I was all set, they got a room for me and I was there for the night.
I wasnt able to eat anything for almost 2 days, I was so nausous that night that I threw up in the hallway whrn the nurse and I were walking up and down the hallway.
She was so nice, she took care of my every need and made sure I was comfortable the whole time.
When we were walking around, she took me to Labor and Delivery and we saw a couple newborns. One baby was just born an hour earlier and was only 4pounds something. SO CUTE!
I actually did sleep really well last night in the hospital, so I feel alot better today than I did yesterday!
Thanks for thinking about me though! I will be checking in, in the next few days. Like I said, Im in alot of pain so I need to rest as much as possible. I have a drain in that needs to be in place for a week and I also had a medicine pump in too.
Thanks for reading if you got this far, I diddnt realize how long this got!

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Wow! Sorry your surgery was so extensive, but YAY for mini tummy tucks! I hope you recover quickly and are able to enjoy the gorgeous tummy soon.

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I knew about your surgery but didn't know it was so soon. I hope you have a quick recovery. I also hope this helps lead you to your bfp soon!

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:goodluck: for a speedy recovery!