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How many projects

... do you work on at once? I've currently got 3 things cast on for knitting- a cardigan (finished the back piece, now working on the front left), the second of a pair of mittens (half through- should finish them tonight or tomorrow) and I just cast on my first sock! I'm so excited about the sock since that's the thing I really really want to make!

I've also got a few sewing projects going that are halted until I finish Reed's quilt.

My mom is an amazing quilter and she very strictly only works on one project at a time. I have tried to do that, but I find that there's always some place in the process of a project that I need a bit of a break and then when I come back to it that hard spot seems easier for some reason.

What about you? How many things do you work on at once?

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It's my personal rule. After seeing how it can get out of hand with my mom, who usually has 8-10 things going on at once, and who rarely finishes in a timely manner, I decided on only having 2. It saves on needles and I'm more likely to slog through a tough spot if I know I can't just cast on for something new.

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Actively, i work on two projects tops, but a lot of the times its only one. The only time it gets to be two is if either

a)I have something that pops up that needs to be done in a timely fashion


b)The one project I have going is complex and requires a lot of concentration and I want something more mindless to work on when I'm feeling stupid Lol

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I personal.... have 3 tutus and a crochet hat im trying for the frist time.. SAHM... what better to do then be crafty~