how much knitting to bring

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how much knitting to bring

So I have to travel for work in November, so I'm planning my travel knitting now. I'll have a 3 hour plane trip both ways, and three evenings in a hotel.

How much would you bring? I'm trying to decide if I bring something simple like a Hudson Hat or something more brain-intensive -- the Liesl feather and fan cardigan. I have the yarn and patterns for both.

Of course, I have other choices too, more longies, a toddler cardigan, fingerless mitts for my preschooler. There's no shortage of yarn or patterns at my house....

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This is a tough one, at least for me! When I travel I seem to be at the whim of the airlines. Their blurb on line does not agree with what happens at the gate. It says I may take knitting on board. In fact, I know people who have had their work confiscated! It appears that metal needles are a big no-no, so be sure you use wooden or plastic ones. What I do is put my knitting in the baggage underneath the plane rather than risk losing it. Then I knit only at my destination.

If you will be working during the evenings preparing for meetings the next day, then take a small project only. But if you see several free evenings, then maybe finish up a Hudson hat and thumbless mitts. Of course I'd be eager to start on baby's things if I were whatever is most exciting! Let us know what you decide & post pictures!

I'm hoping to start Christmas things this weekend.