How to wash hand knits?

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How to wash hand knits?

Now that I'm knitting this sweater, I've realized I've never washed a handknit item before. I didn't think I'd have to until I was finished but today my dear dear son that I love so much (I have to keep telling myself that) spilled a Dr pepper on the sweater back. How do I clean this without ruining it?

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I'd just wash it gently in lukewarm water. Then dry it flat on a towel. Don't handle it very much or it could stretch etc..

Read this:

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Thank you! I did just wash in lukewarm water without rubbing or stretching then blotted it on a paper towel a little bit to make sure the soda was out before laying it on a towel. It needed to be blocked anyway.

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I washed some handknit items front loader has an ultra handwash cycle that I will use on them.

I dry them flat....i did tumble dry one baby sweater that was done in a chunky cotton and knit tightly...on ultra low heat.

If I didn't have the ultra handwash cycle i would do them by hand...gently wring, no twisting...reshape and dry flat. Oh..mild detergent. A lot of people suggest something like Eucalan for wools as its mild and contains lanolin...but its darn expensive :evil: I have even heard people suggest using dishsoap like dawn!

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Strangely enough I hadn't even considered I know...

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Check the label on your yarn. It will tell you how to take care of the garment. Another one of my "going to get myself organized" ideas is to start a photo book of what I've made- This idea came from seeing a similar sample book of one of my weaving instructors. She included-
a picture of the completed item,
a sample swatch of the yarn in pattern, knitted- or crocheted.. or woven, whatever- and
the label. and a piece of the yarn ( for her knitted pieces)

Some people use woolite with everything.
I know there are special soaps out there if you are using 100% wool. I took notes in my weaving class on this, but now they're in a box somewhere in the barn. Eventually I'll be able to dig them out and get them back in the house.

Also, the time in the washer and dryer- Time how long you put it through the agitator. It doesn't need a full cycle. Try it for 3 minutes and check it. My instructor put his through for 2-5 minutes max, depending on what the item was. Pull it out before it's completely dry too, and let it finish air-drying.

I put the wet garments in a double layer towel and roll it like a jelly roll to get as much water out as I can before I dry it fully.

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Do what Bonita said, follow the directions on the yarn. Usually the yarn says use a mild soap and wash on normal to delicate. I have some knitted booties I have worn religiously for years that I wash and dry on regulary cycles. They are still ok. Usually thought, it is the dryer that is the villian to hand knitted items.