I am having withdrawals

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I am having withdrawals

Well after my initial burst of knitting I now find myself without a project. My trouble is that with working shifts I cannot always get to the knitting stall on the sunday market.

Can anyone recommend any sites where I can buy patterns and wool online? something like sewandso.co.uk for cross stitchers?

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you can get a lot of patterns on Ravelry. Lots of free ones.

As for yarn shops that deliver to the U.K, no idea, but I think elann.com might.

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I'm having withdrawals too. Since I started working, I haven't found time to knit or crochet other than the other day when the weather was really bad so I stayed at the hotel across the street from my work (they paid for it).

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I just google patterns - there are tons of free ones out there. I recently bought yarn online but it was from a little place in CA.

Good luck finding yarn!

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I agree Ravelry is an awsome place to find pattersn adn free ones too, of course there are lots you can purchase ont ehre too and i do believe that you can also get links to purchase supplised like yarns.