I don't get it.

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I don't get it.

Has everyone moved over to another board?
Why have all the fun photos and postings vanished?
What happened to this forum??? I used to enjoy coming here to see what others were working on.:(:(:(

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I'm working on a speed hook blanket, or whatever its called. Its a slow process for me, I can do about a row and a half on a break at work, so 3 rows a day its going to be a while. I'll take pics soon.
I don't think people do a lot of knitting and crocheting in the summer, too hot. yet here I am making a blanket and it will 100 Give rose tomorrow Smile

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I'm working on sewing projects for the most part right now. I finished up a baby blanket I was working on. The only thing I really want to knit before the baby is born now is some hats and booties. Maybe a little newborn sweater, but I want to finish sewing diapers, nursing covers, laundry bags, wetbags, ect first Lol