I finally picked a project!

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I finally picked a project!

I hope it's not too hard but after nap time today I'm off to go buy my supplies! I've decided not to do the knit alongs right now cause I'm hoping to make Sofia a little hoodie to go with her Easter dress (http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/60271.html?noImages=) and since this is my first project I figure I shouldn't take on too much at a time Lol DH thinks I'm crazy cause I'm so excited Blum 3

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very cute!!

you all are making me want to learn to knit... can't start another hobby.... lol

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I get excited to!! DH just rolls his eyes! He is getting used to it now and will actually give input! GL!!!!

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Really CUTE!

Dh laughs at ALL the little things I seem to get really excited about Lol

For example a preview for Pirates 3 just came out and I went bizerk....i think he thinks I'm nuts! LOL

As for starting projects....its totally exciting when you are getting ready with all your yarn and supplies and you are raring to tackle the project and see how it turns out! LOL They just don't understand Wink

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I have 3 projects on the go and am excited by all three. I need more hours in my days....and I'm already planning further exciting projects. It's a disease.