I need color help!

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I need color help!

OK, I'm planning to knit this shawl in the near future (no, I never wear shawls...but it's begging me to make it...so I must):


The big craft stores suck at actually carrying the yarn I want (grrrr - am I already to that point where I'm snubbing the big chain stores???). I found some stuff on clearance on knit picks, though. Here it is:


I think I will need about 6 skeins of this. So I can do 1, 2, 3, or 6 different colors. Which color combos do you think would work well?

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I would personally do all black.

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I like Kari's idea with all black. I would do something that matches a lot of different things.

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Black is very hard to work with...as is navy. But black is ever so useful...as is cream. What colour is your hair? Redheads look so nice with greens..and that Verdant Heather really speaks to me. Might be nice in the Fall if you have clothes to match. Anyway, it's a very personal decision!

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do you know primarily what you intend to wear it for - everyday? or special event, all dressed up?

I like the heathers too- I've been more in the mood for those lately. Personally, I'd go with more of a mono-chromatic scheme with it- in natural/nutural tones- greys

but like gardenbug, the Verdant Heather jumped out to me, as did the autumn heather- maybe a KAL if I get some too to do this Wink

Brindle Heather would probably go better with my dark brown hair color, but I don't wear a lot of browns- I don't think you'd go wrong with any of these colors, quite frankly Biggrin

have you converted the pattern into english? I can't read it at all.