I Started The Sweater!!

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I Started The Sweater!!

Yesterday I finally got started on the sweater for Cooper. DH is a little worried that the color is a bit girly. I think it will be fine. It's varying shades of blue, but mostly on the lighter side. I actually wanted a darker blue with some teal in it, but I couldn't get enough balls of the same dye lot grrrrrr. So I went with the lighter.

I'm a little confused, as the pattern says I need straight and circular needles, but doesn't specify where I am to use each of them? Maybe it's just for personal preference? The back, front and sleeves are all knit separately and sewn together.

Oh well. I started on the straight needles because that's what I know lol.

I told Sierra that if I do okay and don't pull all my hair out making it, then I'd try and make her one afterwards. Smile

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Yea for starting! We'll need progress pictures.

You can easily knit flat on circular needles. Anything that's knit in the round will need circular needles.

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So I am doing pretty well. I'm happy with how it's going. I'm almost done Smile I have taken some pics, just haven't gotten them on to the computer.

I just have the sleeve and side seams left to sew together. I have figured out a better way to sew the pieces together, but this yarn is not condusive to sewing, so it's a slow process. Hopefully I will be done one side by the time I go to bed tonight.

Cooper actually tolerates having it put on him now, because up until today he'd just shriek and push it away when I showed it to him. I was getting a little discouraged as I'd put in so much work. I think he just couldn't tell what it was, and freaked out a bit.