I won some yarn!

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I won some yarn!

I was excited to find out yesterday, but there aren't many places where i could share and people would enjoy my excitement.

There is a local company here called String Theory Yarn who makes some of the most heavenly yarn I've ever worked with. I LOVE this stuff.

ANyway, they have a ravelry group and they have monthly knit-a-longs and if you use their yarn and complete your project you are entered to win a skein of yarn.

I won for the month of november! It was a pick your own project month so i entered my latest fingerless gloves which were knit in their sock yarn. So i got to pick out a skein of their Caper Aran! I was browsing patterns last night to decide what i would do with it.

Anyway, if you are ever looking to treat yourself with an amazing yarn, look for string theory yarn. I'm not sure where they are outside of Maine, but i know you can order from their website at the very least. This stuff is a dream to work with, comes in such beautiful colors and is as soft as can bem.

Knitting Supplies and Hand Dyed Yarn and Fiber by?String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn, Inc.

And trust me this isn't an advertisement. I don't work for them or anything. I was just excited about winning and also wanted to give them some props for making some of my favorite yarns!

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Such pretty colors! Congratulations to you!!!

I have more yarn than I can use at this point... a fun dilemma!