I'm converted...and addicted.

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I'm converted...and addicted.

After 16yrs of cross stitching I decided to give knitting a go. The last thing I knitted was about 20yrs ago and then it was just a hat.

Anyway there is a huge market and car boot sale (for those that don't know what that is, it is a bit of a yard sale idea but from the trunk of your car, very popular over here) It is on very sunday morning and in the indoor market bit there is a knitters stand. I browsed through some patterns and found a great cardigan that I wanted to do for my wee boy but thought it would be beyond my skill. The stall holder gave me some needles and did me a deal on the wool, gave me instructions on the basic stitches again and explained that the pattern I had picked was actually an 'easy knit' pattern so should be perfect to start with. She said if I needed a hand to make it up etc. then to let her know and she would sort it for me.

I completed that in 2 weeks and was completly hooked and went back for two more patterns. I asked her about a stitch I didn't know(knit one below) and she opened a ball of wool to show me how to do it, then gave me the ball of wool for free!

I am now so completly hooked. When I get some pics I will show you my first project in 20yrs. It is also a much cheaper hobby than cross stitch and you get to wear the results!

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Yea! Welcome to the dark side. Now get yourself over to Ravelry!