I'm Doing It!

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I'm Doing It!

So, I found this learn to crochet booklet at WM, got myself a hook, and some wool, and got started. I had a lot of trial and error, and then got some pointers from DH's aunt who crochets a lot. She showed me what I was doing wrong, like my tension was a bit tight! I kind of knew that, but wasn't really sure what I was doing lol. I made a hat, it's not quite finished, it just needs to have the top part sewn up(it was made flat and then sewn together), then I made a matching scarf, and I just finished a granny throw they called it, I just have to thread my ends in. I had a bit of trouble with the reverse crochet edging, but found a good demonstrative video on You Tube haha.

I'll try to get some pictures of them later this week.

I'm just waiting for some supplies to arrive that I ordered for the Hallowe'en X-stitch that I'm doing(I know, leaving it til the last minute!) I'll be lucky if the picture is done by then, 'cause it sure won't be framed! I'm working on DH's Xmas sticking in the meantime. Just the backstitching left to go, then I need to find some broadcloth and some cording to match it and get my mom to sew it up, and hopefully finish the other 3 as well haha.

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Sounds like you're in full swing girl! Except the part where Mom has to do the finishing....;) For some reason that is always the slowest part!

I hope the board picks up now that it is October!!!