join me for a crochet-a-long?

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join me for a crochet-a-long?

This has been discussed a couple of times, but nothing was ever decided. I decided to go ahead and start on one of the projects mentioned and invite anyone who wants to to join me. Here is what I'm making:

I'm making it in a thinner yarn with a smaller hook and am hoping it will fit my DD that is turning 8 in a few weeks. I'm using a very yummy orange color.

The pattern is in UK terms, but is very easily changed to US terms. It's mostly in triple crochet, so it works up really quick.

Anyway, I've started and would love to have others join me so we can share our progress and discuss issues that might arise - especially when it comes to joining the 4 pieces together.

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That's a nice project. I just started knitting, so I don't want to pick up a new hobby yet. I think KimPossible was interested in a crochet-along.


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I was! But with baby arriving soon and seamus going back to work I am overwhelmed with life...i haven't picked up a project in weeks! I would love to see people join in on this though, i know there were plenty who expressed an interest in a crochet-a-long.

If even one or two others said they'd join you, i'd be happy to sticky a thread up for it!