Just starting kniting

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Just starting kniting

Hello. I lurk a lot, but only posted here once I think!

I learned how to knit from my grandmothers years ago, but totally forgot how to since then. I've been dying to do some felting projects, specifically the bug-a-boo bag here, but could never find 100% wool at a good price and in a colour I would like.

Well, last week at Michaels they had 100% wool for $5 a roll!! Yay!

The reason I wanted to do a felting project is because it's forgiving for first timers because after the felting I won't be able to see any of the small mistakes I made.

My goal is to work up to this knitting project. I LOVE pirates!! I used to live on the Island of Antigua working in Archaeology, and I love the "pirate" era (napoleonic wars, etc).

Here is the project I want to do:


As far as I can tell it's a free pattern. Once I get there I hope you guys can help or join me!

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oooooooooooh, very cute!!!

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Great pattern! Share lots of pics!

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hi Rachael! I recognize you from the ttc boards Biggrin
That bag is super cute!

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:wavehello: That's a cute pattern. Have you discovered Ravelry yet? Go there quick and get your name on the waiting list. http://www.ravelry.com


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That's a cute bag. Welcome to the group!

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if you're looking for an easy project to get back into the swing I'd start with some dishcloths- and an easy knitted scarf- get a fun fiber and just let the fiber do the work of making it cute.

That is a cute bag. I haven't tried felting yet. I might just try that, and use a patterned yarn, so I don't have to knit in a chart, or even put a celtic knot, which is what I seem to be gravitating to at the moment. Smile

Welcome, Bonita