knit camisole?

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knit camisole?

Anyone ever knitted a camisole?

I'm trying this knitting machine pattern:

except I am doing this lacy edge on the bottom:

What do you guys think? I'm really new to doing actual patterns other than bags or scarves. This is my first clothing item. I know you guys hand knit and this is for a knitting machine, but do you think it would be hard?

I've got to the waist of one side done and I ran out of the colour I was using. I had a lot of leftover yarn from a doctor who scarf I made my husband and Christmas. I'm tempted to just make it with the waste/leftover yarn I have now in different colours as a test run, and then buy a lighter/thinner yarn to make a real one for summer (cotton).

I was thinking about the test run because I have a short torso and knitting machines can be hard to gauge. I also know different yarns will stretch/shape differently.

Hmm..this is all so new to me.

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It has been 30 years at least since I used a knitting machine. I did VERY simple pieces, like bunting bags and a few baby things which I sold. My machine was terrible and I gave it away.

I think working in cotton yarn would be great! Sure, give it a try, but keep it as simple as possible for this first effort. Once you have children, the knitting machine may have to be put away. Little people are really eager to play with them! :confused:

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I don't really know anything about machine knitting. I don't even know what a knitting machine looks like or how it works! LOL.

So while my input may not be very useful, i'd say give it a shot as well! Overall, the pattern looks pretty simple, all though i don't know how that translates to a machine. Doing a test run might not be a bad idea, if you feel up to knitting it twice.

I have found with more advanced items, i had to just jump in and give it a try. As long as I found a pattern that I really liked, it made the effort and the unknowns well worth trying.

Good luck! Tell us how it goes.