Knitters - what kind of needles do you prefer?

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Knitters - what kind of needles do you prefer?

Why kind of needles do you prefer - plastic, aluminum, wood, glass? Something other material I haven't heard of before?

I have aluminum needles right now and they are feeling so slippery. I keep sliding things right off the needle while I'm knitting. I'm so tempted to move to wood. I have one tiny pair of circular wood needles that I was using for practice (so far - no tubular projects in my mind yet). And I really like how they feel - less slippery, more grippy.

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I don't mind metal for a circular needle, or for one-pointed, but I love love love wood or bamboo for double-pointed needles. There is just a bit more friction and it helps quite a bit.

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I use aluminum for almost everything, but also knit very very loosely, so I like the slippery-ness. I am really lusting after the wood needles from knitpicks, though. In general most people use a wood needle for a slick yarn and a metal needle for a grabby yarn. But just use whatever you want!

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I have wood, plastic (Denise interchangables), and aluminum for different sizes. Sometimes, I prefer the wood or bamboo, sometimes the plastic and very rarely the metal. I don't like the slipperyness most of the time. Though, it really does depend on what kind of yarn you're using, too. Some yarns are too "sticky" for plastic or wood and work better on metal.

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I am a walking advertisment for my Denise Needles!! SOOOOOO worth the investment. But like everyone else is saying, I sometimes really like to work with bamboo too. Im not a big fan of the aluminum....the noise kinda creeps me out LOL!

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Most of the ones I have are bamboo. I have a couple of metal pairs that I use very rarely...but when I do, i think its kind of neat how fast I can knit since they are so slippery Lol But I do drop more stitches along the way.

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I started out liking bamboo circular. Now I've moved to metal circular, as the wood ones aren't pointy enough. When I first started knitting, I tried to use Addi Turbos, total disaster. They were so slippery I couldn't keep the stitches on. Now I think they would be fine, but they are way too expensive for me!


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I have all the knitting needles from my grandmother (metal), so I use those. But my dh put them all out in the barn, and I have no idea where they are so when I need to go out and buy something I get the bamboo ones. I do have some plastic ones.

SO I guess I'm saying, at the moment, I'm liking the wooden ones more, but as soon as I find my metal ones, I'll be using those too.

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I have some of each metal, plastic and wood but my favorite is by far the bamboo (wood) needles. So much that I am slowly replacing my others with bamboo. I went out and bought a bunch of metal ones at Walmart before I had an idea of what I liked so i'm kinda bummed I spent so much on needles I never use...lesson learned Lol My advice it to only buy one set at a time (unless you get the interchangeables which I would love someday) until you figure out what kind you really love

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I live in Japan, (home of Clover knitting) and we have the *Daiso* here, where you can get a variety of different kind of bamboo needles for less than one dollar per pair. They have long double points which I prefer to circulars....LOVE getting fantastic bamboo needles for less than a dollar!