knitting ?

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knitting ?

Im looking for a pattern i wanna make another baby blanket but i cant remeber what pattern i used i want to make a small checkboard pattern lionheart or something along those lines had it on there website but i cant remerber the name it wasnt lionheart but thats what i always sthink of any ideas what im talking about

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oh also i want to add i want a board of knit around the edge so it would have to be k6 p 3 k3 and so forth then the next line would be something else i just cant remeber sigh Sad

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I really can't answer your ? Jackie, but was thinking I'd offer a suggestion for the future.

I've been printing off the patterns I use and am planning to start compiling them in a 3 ring binder. That way if I want to go back to one, I don't have to try to find it online again. Though I often save patterns I like to my favorites, I'd be hard pressed to find them again if my computer crashed.

just an idea Wink

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I can't help right away but I'll look and see what i can find.

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I also keep a binder. I have lots of "want to do" projects!

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Maybe you are thinking of Lion Brand? Here is a link to all their free patterns: