knitting -- increase question

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knitting -- increase question

What's your favorite way of making increases?

A lot of patterns I find call for a make 1, (M1) but that seems to leave a hole for me.

Besides having to adjust the stitch count because of it, do you see any reason I can't use a KFB (knit into the front and back) in place of a M1?


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I prefer to kfb for increasing, to me it doesn't leave a hole and I don't have to pull any strands up from the other row.

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I use LLink and RLink. I learned them from Cat Bordhi's new sock book, but I think I've seen them online as well. KFB leaves that little purl bump and I don't like it

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Gorlitsa, can you describe LLink and RLink or give a URL that shows these? My most recent patterns said to us M1 by knitting into the thread between the first two stitches, but I really didn't like that so much.

The thing I hate most is picking up a certain number of stitches 'evenly' across a large area, like 45 or 98 stitches. Often this is around the neck or a border. They never look as nice as I hope for.

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i kbf so the purl knob is towards the dege, but ya if there is a better way where is the url? I also hate the hole, only use it in lace knitting where it goes unnoticed.