Knitting Magic Loop Two at a time?

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Knitting Magic Loop Two at a time?

I'm trying to learn how to use magic loop to knit both of my shorties legs at the same time, but I can't figure it out. Anyone know how?

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I just looked at Google and found this. Don't know if it helps at all, but there are quite a few Magic Loop entries there if you type in "Magic Loop knitting".

I'd never heard of this.

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Silver has a sock tutorial that is quite awesome:

I've done one (edited) pair of socks (elfine) with the magic loop. I MUCH prefer it to dpns. I had no ladders!!

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YankeeMom, that's awesome. I want to try the two toe-up socks on the magic loop!

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Thanks for the links! I finally figured out how to do it last night. I just need to be brave and try! I'll take pictures and post them when I get home, if I can (DH might have fried the computer last night!)