lurker with a knitting question

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lurker with a knitting question

I am making a pair of long pants for my ds...I have the body almost done. My question is, how do I seperate for for the legs? I have read pattern after pattern, but it doesn't seem to make much sense to me. Plus, I am not really following a pattern (more like 3, LOL). I normally just use them to get the "idea" and then create my own pattern from there. Any ideas on how to make it the split simple? I really think I am just over analyzing it. Thanks a bunch ladies!

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Hmmm, I am a pattern follower tried and true so i'm not much help with non specific direction giving Lol

Can you give me an example of something that doesnt' make sense to you? Are you working on circulars?

I would imagine it would have to do with putting half the stitches on a stictch holder...and then working with the other half, joing them somewhere in the middle.

But I honestly wouldn't know. If you have a specific pattern that you've looked at that you can post a part of (not the whole thing of course!) then maybe I can try to describe it.

I know there are some ladies here though who make their own soakers and longies so I'm sure they can tell you what to do!

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I think Kim is onto something. I'd visualize it (assuming circular) as setting aside 5 to 10 stitches at the front crotch and the back crotch on separate needles, working the separate stitches for a bit to provide the room there and bind off the two at the same time, paying attention to where the bind-off edge faces for wrongside and rightside. The legs might need to transition to sock needles? There would be some casting on for each inseam, possibly from the stitches removed earlier for the front and back crotch?

Oy, I can visualize it but putting it into words is hard!

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Try googling "Pear's Easiest Longies". Essentially, you knit half way around, put a few stitches you just did on a holder, knit the rest of the way around except for the few number of stitches that match the number you put on a holder before.

Graft the stitches together from the holders -- then you end up with two tubes to knit the legs from.