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Lurker Question

Hi ladies,
My name is Brandi and I just had a quick question for you girls since you all are SURELY more crafty and have more knowledge about it.

I wanted to make button's for the great grandparents, and great great grandparents to wear the day the baby is born. I looked for shirts but the ones I like are 25.00 each and I have 4 great grandparents and 4 great great grandparents and there is NO WAY, NO HOW I am paying 200.00 for tee-shirts for one day. So I figured buttons would be a good idea, since button makers are usually cheap (atleast when I was a kid) I was going to make my own so I could personalize them -- YEA RIGHT 339.65 for a button maker . Does anyone know where I could find a cheap one, even one for kids? Or a cheap place online that makes personalized buttons? I would like 2.25-3 inch buttons. I found 1 inch ones but they would be SO small!

I posted this on my birth board but I thought your idea's would help as well Pardon
Thanks girls!

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I would look at CafePress as an online place that will do custom printing. They'll put your photo or design on just about anything. HTH

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Or you could try

Good luck!

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I was going to say try too. Just search for personalized buttons.
Also you could go to joann fabric of Michaels and see what they have...
Good luck, I wouldnt pay that much eather, thats CRAZY!

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Thank you ladies very much for all of your input!