Must have this hat

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Must have this hat

Ever see a pattern like it?

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I don't see anything.

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try now

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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! I MUST HAVE IT TOO!!! I saw a little girl at the zoo this weekend with a similar hat and I thought I need to find a pattern to make one, so its actually really funny that you posted this!
It looks crocheted to me.

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I bet you could figure it out easy enough, or modify another crochet hat pattern to be similar.

the white on the top looks like single crochet.
the ribbon across the white, looks like the wove it through holes in the hat, at an angle.

The trim/border is a type of shell stitch. I've seen it in one of the crochet book patterns I have (if I could just find the book).

it looks like a single silk flower (maybe scrapbooking type) for the decoration.

You can do it, Michelle Wink