My finished cupcake set for cecilia!

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My finished cupcake set for cecilia!

I finished this set a few weeks ago. It was SUPER easy but the crocheted picot edges was something new for me so kept it interesting!

Its hard in my pics to see the little cherries on the top of the mittens, but they are there!

Now I'm finishing up a simple little pink tweed cardigan that fits Cecilia right now. I found it in my Unfinished Objects Pile. It was probably a gift for someone at some point, or something like that. All that was left to do on it was seam it together and put some buttons on it! I've got the seaming done, now just to sew on the buttons, and probably block it

I'll post pics when its done!


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Fun!!! I love seeing finished projects! Keep them coming! Smile Of course they're especially nice when modeled by baby.

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Very cute. The cupcake set is cute too Wink

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cut! tfs

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Its adorable!

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That is absolutely adorable!

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Too cute!

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Kim, that set is REALLY cute!

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I really really like that! I can knit scarves but I can't seem to master the art of the hat!