My first sweater

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My first sweater

I have been super busy with my new job and life in general, but I managed to attempt my first sweater. It was much easier then I thought it would be but the hood is abnormally large....oh well!!

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Im starting a new baby blanket for my SIL, I attempted to make a bear to match it but it is pretty hideous!!

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I like it! What pattern is that?


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Its super cute! The hood on the one I made lillian seemed larger than i would have liked as well.

Nice work!

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Good job, Charlotte. I like the stripes. It looks great on Kaden.

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How cute! Thanks for sharing!

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I haven't quite reached the hood part on mine so still have a chance to check the number of stitches and rows they suggest.

I really like your blue and white striped sweater...and your model too! Wink