My latest finished objects

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My latest finished objects

Okay, it's been awhile since I posted knitting photos on here. It's been kinda quiet - so maybe this will inspire others to post their current WIPs or FOs. Bring 'em out, ladies!

Petal Bibs from One Skein in Sugar & Cream cotton yarn. (the pink one was when I tried to alter the stitch count to match a different gauge) These were so much fun to make.
Petal Bibs for Lauren

Puff-Sleeved Feminine Cardigan from Fitted Knits in Knit Picks Mohair Style yarn.
Feminine Puff Sleeve Cardigan modeledPuff sleeved cardigan

Lace Leaf Skirt from Hemp4Knitting (?) in allhemp6 yarn (100% hemp). This was my first knitted skirt. Due to it being made out of hemp (which is strong but doesn't stretch) - there's no saggy butt that sometimes happens with knitted skirts.
Lace Leaf hemp skirtIMG_0502

Marilyn's Not so Shrunken Cardigan from Knit & Tonic in Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed. This is black with pink and orange specs of color (hence the tweed name). It's super soft. I even used the sweater to cover up DS in the carseat when he was cranky and in need of a nap, and he fell asleep soon after because it was so warm and soft. I still haven't weaved in the ends and fixed the buttonholes (the buttons are too small for their buttonholes), though I finished this over 2 months ago.

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You are a knitting machine! I bow to your ability to finish a project. I am queen of the UFO's! I love them all! The petal bibs are cute. I have One Skein and did the baby hat, it turned out really cute! I'd love to try the bib...before I don't need them anymore!