need help with crochet pattern...
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Thread: need help with crochet pattern...

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    Default need help with crochet pattern...

    Anyone here Crochet?

    I just don't get part of this pattern...

    When I do the hexagons, first of all, they are HUGE! I had to make some modifications (I think because I'm using chunky yarn) to the pattern.

    For round 3 I know I did some mod...can't remember what. For round 4 I had to do 3 dc instead of dc, because 5 was just too much and the hexagon was all wonky. Then...when I tried to do the round 5 sc all the way around, the hexagon went all weird again (all bumpy like there was too much on the sc all the way around so it was all wavy.

    Then, when I put the three hexagons together, the think was like 2 feet long!! I used an I hook, because they were for my SO, who is size 14 mens...but these were like clown shoes!

    Any ideas? I didn't take apart the hexagons yet, or make the sole yet. I was thinking of getting rid of the SC round 5, and round 4, and then do a sc around round 3, then connect them again.

    However...I also don't get the it just one long rectangle? If do I attach it when the hexagon areas I'm attaching it to aren't a rectangle??

    I am sooo lost. I love how they look and would love to get one done so I can make more for chirstmas presents!
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    We do have some crochet-ers that stop by now and then. Hopefully one of them will see your question! I don't crochet so I am of no help. I want to learn though!
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    How tight are you holding the yarn? It looks like you want really nice tight stitches for the pattern. Plus if you are using chunky yarn, you may want to use a smaller hook, although that could make it harder to work with all around. Do a "swatch" test, follow the pattern EXACTLY no matter how it looks and see what happens at the end. If it's still wrong or funky looking, then the pattern itself may be wrong (I've had to change so many patterns to make them look right) and you may want to look and see if there are any similar patterns to compare it too. HTH!

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    I agree you have to copy it first exactly and swatch. We all hate that word, but i learned that if you dont you may end up with a huge size eventhough you thought you had the same yarn size. Depending on the age of the pattern you might end up with something else if you dont.

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    I crochet but can't follow a crochet pattern for anything Wish I could help
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    That pattern is adorable! I just may have to try it myself!

    Chunky weight yarn would definitely make a difference in the size. How huge is huge? They will need to wrap around the foot, so I'd think they have to be fairly large.

    Ooo! Ooo! Now I can't wait to find out for myself!

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