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New favorite thing

Why did I not get one of these clicker things sooner? probably cause I had never seen them before. Makes it soooo much easier to follow a pattern, especially when I have to set a project aside for a bit and forget what row I was on. I just click it at the end of each row and it keeps track for me. So simple, love it.
also a pic of a little project I just finished, I already typed this whole post up but apparenlty didn't hit submit Sad
I made the blue one for my baby cause I loved the color. Then I decided to make the purple one for a coworker's soon-to-be granddaughter, added some scalloping to the edge to make it a bit more girly.

Now I am working on a hat for Dh's aunt's will post a pic when done, also when I get that done will post pics of the baby blanket I made. Then I will get back to this super cute dress I decided to try to make, hopefully that turns out. Being pregnant makes me want to just crochet a lot! lol!

and a random craft from dd, she sat down one day with some scratch paper, scissors and tape and this is one of the things she made, a dinosaur, he even has an eye and mouth, thought it was pretty good for 4.