"New" here!

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"New" here!

I don't know why I don't post here, it's an obvious choice.
I'm just getting back into knitting, and have learned to crochet this year. Normally I just sew (blankets, dresses for DD) but am getting into the yarn crafts more and more. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting tips and ideas from you girls, I'm just a beginner here compared to everyone!
Stuff I've made recently:
A baby blanket for my cousin's DD

DS's crib bumper and baby blanket

DD's blanket

I have a million hats like this I've made for kids:

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Oh wow Birdie! The blankets are beautiful! I especially like the first one! And the hat is adorable...not to mention the little model wearing it Lol

I would love to know how to quilt. There is a quilt shop right on our main street in walking distances (about 3 stores down from the yarn shop Lol ) and I would love to take some classes there.

They actually have a kids camp during the summer that I think my daughter Emma might like...i think they do a pillow or something for a project.

I digress...beautiful work! And welcome!

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Hi Birdie!! Cianna still loves the blanket you made her, I'll have to take a picture and post it Smile

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those are very nice! I'm lucky if I can sew a straight line! Welcome!

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WOW! - nice blankets - those are amazing! How do you ever get them to come out flat?!?!!!! :lol