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    I used to knit a long time ago but stopped..i mean i was like 13-14 lol and ive recently started.Im currently am not sure what im knitting mainly im just knitting to get back in the hang of it.I hope to make a blanket and id love to knit some stuff for my son and daughter but i have no idea of what is out there.Does anyone have any good websites with like patterns or something?

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    Welcome! and

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    Hello! I would check out
    TONS of free patterns!

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    Welcome to the crafting board peggy. I haven't seen you around in a while, wow! Lookat your little girl!

    I agree with the others, ravelry is awesome for pattern have to sign up and there is a waiting list before you get your invite, but its worth the wait!

    I found this not free pattern through an advertisement on ravelry...they are so cute! I want to do them...they'd be good for your little girl too My favorites are the MerryJanes
    Emma 08/31/01
    Aodhan 07/24/03
    Lillian 03/04/05
    Nathalie 07/01/07
    Cecilia Marie 1/10/10

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    Welcome, Peggy. I <3 Ravelry for finding patterns and all things knitterly (and crochetly, too).

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    welcome too- I just search for free knit sweater child pattern example while you are in the holding place for rav (which is adicting and you can spend hours there, but there are tons of neat resources).

    Do you have yarn already in your stash you want to use? Many of the yarn manufacturers have their own patterns up on site that have a lot of cute ideas.

    How old are your kids? I just found a cute little boy's button-up sweater size 2-8 (I th ink) that I would like to make for ds- there are tons of cute girls things out there. I also found dragon scarf pattern for ds I'm making (don't have the link handy but I'm sure if you google dragon scarf pattern it will turn up)- I can get it for you later though if you don't find it.

    Share if you do find things you like- especially the boy's stuff

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