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    I couldn't find the double pointed needles in the gauge I needed! I ended up having to order them online and got impatient and just finished the hat on the circular needles. I actually still have not used my double pointed needles, I'm sure it would make for a cleaner finish to the top of the hat. But I kind of like the "star" effect on the top of the dr seuss hat because it makes it kind of flat topped like dr seuss's hat (I can kid myself, right?)

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    Of course, you know what I think about your "HANDY" work! GREAT JOB! Love it my SIL!
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    Oh that's very cute!

    I just love the "horton" hat. I am going to scrounge now to see if I can find some to make one for ds so he can wear it when he goes (cute idea).

    Another tip if use-I slip stitch the first stitch of each row, that way you have a nice flat edge that is easier for sewing. You just have to watch that you slip the first stitch purl-wise (insert the needle back to front, instead of front-to back).

    My first knitting project was a baby set that was a hat, mittens, overalls, and maybe booties. I didn't know it was hard, or any different that was just the pattern I had. I ripped it out a few times though, and made a few of them. I can look and find a picture of one of my first projects. This is the same pattern, but not the exact first one I ever made After that, I made serveral baby christening sets, with a blanket, jacket, hat, and booties.

    I didn't know that about the stripes, but I do start the new color on the last stitch of the previous row when I'm changing colors or starting a new skein.

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