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New Project!

Of course I should be packing, baking for weekend company, changing sheets, doing laundry and dishes and more, but sitting by the fire and starting a baby blanket seemed like far more fun.;) I don't have a clue who its for, but I liked the yarn and pattern. That means about half a dozen projects I've begun. Oyyyyy.

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hehe It's hard to not keep starting projects isn't it? When I started knitting, my mom had already been a knitter for a long time. She has tons of WIPs, has to keep buying new needles since her old ones are still in projects, etc. I vowed that I'd never have more than two projects on the needles. I've kept to that 99% of the time. There's nothing wrong with having more WIPs, but I find that having too many makes me anxious. It has forced me to either finish the project, or frog it. It's worked well for me.

That doesn't mean that I don't think about casting on for new projects all the time! I lie in bed before I fall asleep and plan what's next, and what I'd like to do. So I have to knit faster to get to them!