New & ready to share (part xp)

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New & ready to share (part xp)

Hi All,

I have just been recommended this board by a poster on my birth board when I posted pics of my latest project that I have just completed.

I primarily love to cross stitch and have been stitching for about 15yrs after been introduced to cross stitch when I got a kit for Christmas in '92 and I have been hooked ever since. My grandma taught me to knit but unfortunately there are not many knitting supply shops here and I got out of practice and now wouldn't feel confident attempting anything more challenging than a scarf.

I also (maybe surprisingly) love woodwork. I was the only girl who chose to do woodwork at school when the rest of the girls went on to do home economics. I even got called into the year head's office and asked if I really wanted woodwork as I would be the only girl. I said that of course I did, and the following year more girls chose woodwork and more still the following year. I made a cabinet that still stands today 17years after I made it and is a great piece of furniture. I also made a mahogany and pine toddlers push truck for my child care exam where we had to make a toy. As soon as I get it back from my folks house I will post pics of that too.

I am very creative and come from an artistic family. My dad is an artist and has had some of his work displayed in the local art gallery. Unfortunately I didn't inherit the drawing talents but I did inherit the crafting talent.

Anyway here is the cross stitch blanket I have just finished for my baby due in July. These pics have been posted on my birth board as I say so apologies to anyone that may be seeing them for a second time. I intended this to be an heirloom and for the name/DOB etc. of each child it is passed on to to be stitched into the middle. I also intend to write a story, in a cute little note book I have, for each of the characters on each letter. It will make storytime a little more unique.

Hope you like it and sorry my post is so long and pic heavy.

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I love your story, your blanket and your idea for writing tales for each letter! Thanks for joining us here. Although things seem to be slower on the forum during warm seasons, I'd still like to check in soon to see your wood working! My DD enjoyed wood working too (as well as ice hockey!) and made me cutting boards and cooking spoons which I still use over 20 years later!

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That is a very nice blanket. I used to do quite a bit of cross-stitch, but more recently have stuck more to sewing and knitting.
Hope you enjoy it here! Biggrin

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Welcome! It has been slow lately...
Your blanket is incredible, can I see some closeups of the individual letters? The pictures don't do it justice.

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Oh Wow, such a gorgeous blanket, and I love the idea for writing stories for each letter.