New Year's resolutions in knitting?

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New Year's resolutions in knitting?

Anyone made any New Year's resolutions in knitting?

I resolved to use stash yarn in 5 projects before buying new yarn for a new project. I have so much beautiful yarn, so it won't be at all difficult. But I love new yarn, it just is so pretty, sitting there, all alone, on the internet.

Also DH bought me a learn to spin kit, with a drop spindle. I am not sure I should get into spinning, but it should be fun to try.

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Nothing as firm as a resolution here, but I need to finish up several projects and use up nice new yarn before going shopping again! I also bought fabric for summer outfits for Ivy.... There's something about little girls! I also bought soft fabric for Leo.

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Well any resolution i should make has been thwarted by my actions/train of thought over the last week. I should try to finish up my UFOs of i mentioned earlier. However while i was back in NY visiting my family I discovered a new yarn shop (new to me) and loved it...and of course had to buy some yarn. I bought some sock yarn to make some socks for Cecilia, my youngest. And I've deemed it a priority project because she has these cute little shoes but they are still a little too big on her so she needs some bulky socks to help fill them in a little Smile She isn't walking yet FTR.

AND on top of that, my eldest has indicated to me that she does not like her current winter hat, its store bought. It doesn't fit snuggly against her ears and she doesn't feel its warm i found a warm hat pattern on Ravelry and I'm going to knit it up for her ASAP.

Soooo...after all that is done, i will make it a goal to finish at least a few of my UFOs before moving onto yet another new project. But we'll see Biggrin

I so don't hold any high standards for myself when it comes to knitting. LOL Knitting is what i get to do in my very little spare time so when i do do it, i do whatever i will enjoy the most...which often means things that should be done, or yarn that should be used, doesn't happen! LOL

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I bought a book the other day to learn how to crochet little animals. I'm hoping I can use up some of the extra wool that way. Smile

I'm trying really hard not to start a new project until I finish the previous one. Right now I only have one UFO hanging around. It is a dishcloth I am trying out the pattern. I ran out of thread for it. It is so ugly I don't know if I will bother going to get another ball. Lol! Oh well. It'll only be scrubbing my dishes, right?