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Thread: OMG, a knitting board!!!

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    Talking OMG, a knitting board!!!

    How have I never found you guys before! I'm a huge knitter/crocheter. I'm a member of the November 2007 board, and my little guy doesn't go a day without wearing something handknitted. I spent 8 weeks on bed rest before he was born and got soooo much knitting done for him. He was so tiny when he was born though that only one hat fit him and nothing else for a full month. Now he's into a couple sweaters, several hat and bootie sets, and bibs. I'm so glad I found you guys.

    Here is a link to my November '07 space which shows pics of several projects I've made. My space is the third one on page 1.
    November 07 Spaces

    I really need to get pics of him in more things before he grows out of them, but here's a few:

    The day he came home from the hospital: umbilical cord hat (Stitch N' *itch) and bubby teddy bear (knitty fall '05)

    Ribbon-tied wool vest (Simple Knits for Cherished Babies)

    Baby blanket (Stitch N' *itch)
    Isaac Lee - 10/3/07 @ 34 weeks 1 day - 4lbs15oz
    Lucas Vincent - 1/8/10 @ 34 weeks 2 days - 4lbs7oz

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    Welcome, Julie. Those hats are adorable. It's great that your LO gets to wear a knitted item each day. See ya around.

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    Welcome! Your knitted items are so adorable! Your son looks so cozy in them!

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    that is how i felt when i finally find this board. SUch a cute little one and lovely knitted items. I had my children all decked out in knitted and some crocheted items when they were little. THe boys went on strick when they hit the teen stage. My girls havent and always are finding things they like still, TG, because they really dont let me sew for them much, except prom dresses. My younger 2 are fashion divas and somehow they always manage to look like a million dollars on a shoestring(nice they inherited that trait)

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    Hi! I am new here also. Your projects are just beautiful! And your LO is adorable.

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