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    I finally have the time to look at the archives of knitty, having signed up for it in the fall after finding this bb. My daughter watched me and she said mom you are in seventh heaven. Gee am i so obvious, lol of course i love knitting. So i started showing her some or rather alot of the pics, she found more than several she likes. THen she saw a doggie sweater she says she has got to have, when i said she has no lap dog to go with it, she started for the upteenth time pleading for one. How sneaky! I said the condition is cleanliness and it has to get along with the cat. THe cat catches the field mice and keeps our trailer intact. SO she in turn finds tha cat toys in the archives. SMart girl.!
    So now i am making the leggings with attached socks ut of some donated multi yarn gee they knit up fast.


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    It sounds like you two did have a good time browsing. I agree that Knitty is "OMG" - amazing!

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