The other wine cozy pattern i was talking about!
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Thread: The other wine cozy pattern i was talking about!

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    Default The other wine cozy pattern i was talking about!

    In the submissions thread, i mentioned that in one of my books (Handknit Holidays to be exact) i had a pattern for a felted wine cozy....i just happened to stumble across it for free on line through country living magazine! A few people mentioend they thought the wine cozies were cool, so I just had to share this pattern here...,00.html

    Now is that not a snazzy way to present a bottle of wine as a gift or what?
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    That is too friggin cute!! My girlfriend is a wine junkie I think I might try to make this for her birthday. Thanks for the awesome ink! But I have never felted, is it easy?? Is ther a particular yarn needed??

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    As long as you use 100% wool you are fine. I should do a kool-aid dyeing demo again, I haven't done one of those in awhile and you can dye and then felt your yarn!

    Felting is SUPER easy, you basically just put it in the washer on hot with a couple of towels or pairs of jeans.

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