Productive Day!

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Productive Day!

Besides getting my grocery shopping done, I finished the little hat with the ruffled edge! I'm going to get a pic of my niece wearing it, but I think it's even too big for her, and I made the smallest size (6 mos.) For now, here is a pic of our Cabbage Patch Doll wearing it, her braids kind of push it out of shape a bit, but...

Also, I found a pattern for a sweater to make for Cooper. I was browsing the Red Heart website and found one with no zipper, no buttons, and a hood. Yay!! Now to be on the lookout for some wool, and get the right size needles. I get to try circular needles too!

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Get someone smart at the knit shop to show you how to attach the yarn after the first row on circular needles. It makes a great difference.

I want to see the hat on the real doll, not just the cabbage patch one! Wink

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its so cute. I love the ruffles. Is it crochet?? Knitting on circular needles is actually easier then it looks. I love it because I hate stitching ends together.

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It is crochet. It was on the label of a ball of Bernat Baby Jacquards, I found it at Michael's.

I will have to see when I can get together with my sister to take a pic on my baby girl model, aka my niece, Paige. Cooper was none too impressed when I put it on him LOL! Judging by the size though, I'd almost bet that if I made the 24 mo. one, it may fit my 10 1/2 year old.

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