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Recent Projects!

heres some of my baby projects over the last few weeks. theres some zippers and buttons that need to be done yet but i will do those a little later when i have a bunch to do so i can get that part all done at once.

This is a sweater (the hood looks alittle off hard to make it look proper not on) all that is needed is the zipper sewn in and its all done!


Heres another sweater again it needs the zipper in it

this one needs buttons!


a little hat


and a little dress


and lastly needing a button too a bib


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Oh how sweet!!!!

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Wow, you have been busy! I really love that sweet little white dress. Smile

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I just love the sweaters! Did you use a pattern and if so whee did you find it?

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yes i pruchased a book at a yard sale acutally and the sweaters were oneof the pieces that wre in it

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Those are lovely! I wish I could do wearables but I'm working up to them! I can do hats and booties lol! Love the colors!

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those are amazing

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Very cute! You've got some awesome projects there. Love them all!

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