SarahSunshine's progress thread

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SarahSunshine's progress thread

I am so sorry that you and DH are having to go through this. Like you said, the good news is that the baby seems healthy. Parents to children with anomalies go through so much. My nephew has a "little arm". They diagnosed him with VACTERAL syndrome. He has had multiple surgeries on his bowel and to make him an anal opening. He had a small VSD in his heart that healed itself. Bilateral grade II bleeds in his head. Cleft palate that has been fixed now. Has a feeding tube. One kidney. Somehow he ended up with an extra bone or something in between in shoulder blades. And, like I said, he has the little arm. I know some of this stuff is just "another day in the office" for you. But, for my sister that was 20, it was devastating. She has turned out to be one of the most awesome moms I know. I know that if she and her DH can do it, anyone can. It will be a long road for you and DH and the LO for that matter. But, hopefully, it will bring you closer as a family. You are doing great if you ask me. Talking about it to the right people, and just talking about it in general works wonders. If you ever need to vent, I am only a PM away. Big hugs!!!