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    Default seaming is HARD!

    I just finished knitting this adorable little kimono sweater for my dd (my first completed knitting project). So I went to seam it together. OMG my seaming SUCKS! I ruined the front left part of the sweater and have to knit it again. Does anyone have any pointers on seaming?

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    THere are two ways i seam. It all depends on how i do the edge. THere are two methods of edge. A) Knit and/or purl every edge stitch, or B) knit edge stitch on right side, and slide it on back side of piece unknitted.
    With A i found that if i have both pieces lined up on my lap with back side up i cna take a needle with yarn and likematch first stich with last stitch , go through with the needle and then go to next row. It is i think called overcast sewing.
    With b the edge makes like a larger chainstitch on the end and you can use various method to sew it together and nothing get messed up, cause all you have to do is line them up. I often with baby items actually used a crochet hook and double length of yarn and laced them up like a shoe. THat held better with all the washing and stretched better with the baby movements.

    I hope this helped.


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    Congrats!!! Do you have any pictures?!

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    I always add 2 sts to each side as my seam-edge. When there are decreases and increases, I do them after these two sts. The I do mattress st seaming. It seems to be the easiest way for me and unless you tell someone, they would never notice the seams.

    Mattress Stitch Seaming How-to

    And here is a video of how to do a mattress stitch seam
    Mattress Stitch Seam video
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    I hate seaming so much I'll do anything to avoid it. I've gotten very good at top down one piece sweaters.

    I don't mind the kitchner stitch though, since what confuses me about seaming is trying to decide where to put the needle.

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