Seamus' late birthday gift to me!

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Seamus' late birthday gift to me!

I had to share!

He almost never buys me knitting stuff because he doesn't think i need anymore, especially pattern books. Although I always hint that I'd love more. He picked this one out himself! I love the patterns in it!

He also got me a 50 dolloar gift certificate to our LYS. I can't wait to spend it! I don't know what I will spend it on yet. I might spend it on yarn to make this:

I never have made a sweater form myself. But I don't know for sure yet.

So anyway, if you had 50 dollars to spend, what project would you use it to fund? (I'm just curious as to what other patterns people 'eye')

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AWwwww` That's a beautiful pattern!

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That's a beautiful sweater! I can't wait to see pics if you make it!

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Thats a hard question. I would probobly use it to buy yarn for a special project.
Thats a great gift though, Im jealous!

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Oh my goodness - it's March! Happy super-belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!

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I've been drooling over a couple shawl patterns. And good fingerling wool or wool blends. The pattern and yarn would about take care of that gift cert. Wink Here are two that I like:

scottish thistle shawl
Shoal Water Shawl

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I am going to do the same two shawls as Jules, maybe a couple more. Is there a class you want to take? I'd be inclined to use a LYS GC on something special that you can't get online, or something on sale or clearance, as there are such good deals online that are much lower than MSRP for yarn now.

I also have some cable patterns and celtic designs in my queue- I'll have to go look at which ones. I'd also pick up some magazines and/or books, and some metal circ needles for socks and lace.