So, how long?

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So, how long?

Ok. So I am just now getting comfortable with my knitting skills. And I really mean just knitting. I am attempting to make a baby blanket on a circular needle. How long is it going to knit this? And do you add different colors to the side of the blanket to make more width in it? These may be all silly type ?s but I just started two weeks ago and I am a true newbie. I do love it though. It is very relaxing. I am a nerd. I bring it in the car with me in the morning and I knit while I am waiting for lights to turn green. I do make sure the person nx to me can't see what I am doing though. * I know I am a closet knitter still. I think it is b/c I am not excellent at what I do or at least have not completed a project yet.

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I don't think it would take very long to make a baby blanket. I guess it depends on how often/long you have to work on it. I would get a looonnnggg circular needle though (I use 16" for baby hats so bigger than that).

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I've only knit 1 baby blanket so far, on straight needles. And I have 25% of another one in progress, this one is very small.

Anyway, the one i finished was in stockinette stitch, VERY monotonous and I remember it feeling like it was taking forever to finish.

Its hard to say how long it will take without knowing how fast you actually knit. You will probably get an idea of how long after you get going and see how quickly you make progress. As for width, you don't neccessarily need to add different colors(although you can!) to make it wider, just more stitches. It may depend on t he pattern you are using...if no pattern, then cast-on as many stitchs as you would like!

Good luck! Show us your progress!