Sorry I've been so MIA

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Sorry I've been so MIA

My little one was born July 1st and I've been somewhat busy since then. I know i wasn't around much before than either....i was pretty miserable this time around during the third trimester.

Anyway, i hope to be back more soon! I thought i'd share with you the project that I just purchased yarn for today:

I'm doing the blanket, it will be for Nathalie. I skipped over the typical pink for a gir and went for a mossy green color yarn instead. I'm exited to start a new project....and yes, leave all my unfinished projects....unfinished Smile

My progress thread has probably been eaten by the pruner...if not, I'll go dig it up.

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Congrats on your new addition. You have good reason to be MIA, you have a 2 week old baby!