Teaching children to knit?

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Teaching children to knit?

I don't even know what exactly to ask Lol I'm not a teacher by nature and I learn things from watching other people so I'm not the best at even explaining things to others. My 5.5 year old is becoming pretty interested in learning to knit. She's asked a few times and she'll sit and watch for a little bit but I just don't even know where to start; not to mention I'm not sure she even has the fine motor skills to do it. I did see some children's knitting needles the other day at Micheals and they said ages 8+, which sounds like about the age I was when I learned to crochet. Should I just encourage her to watch right now and when she's a bit older attempt to teach her? Are there children's knitting classes available to kids her age?

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I was eight when my grandmother showed me about knitting...and it overwhelmed me. But what I DID like was making yarn chains out of a spool with 4 nails hammered into the top. I've seen them sold in toy shops sometimes too. I would see how long I could make the chains...and make things like doll house rugs with them.

I also enjoyed making pot holders from small looms sold at craft stores.
Later I began a knit scarf for my grandfather. After working on it for over a year...he died. Sad

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I agree with GardenBug to start her on finger crochet or a spool knitter. That way she's learning something about knitting/yarn but not getting frustrated with knitting.

I've heard of kids really young (3-4-5) learning to knit, but they are the exceptions, not the rule. The local yarn store near me won't start kids until they are 8.

Kids at Waldorf schools learn to knit early, but I don't know at what age that is.