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Tension Question

I know this board is kind of slow, but I thought I'd start here since my LYS is closed Sun/Mon. lol!

Anyways, I am beginning a sweater for my niece, and was knitting a guage swatch last night. It turned out big on the recommended size 9 needles, so I switched to size 7 needles, and it was still the same. Then I went to 5's, and it was still the same!! All 3 were 5 inches. How is that possible?? Am I doing something wrong? What?

It is a bulky wool, size 5. I have to do the ribbing on size 3 needles, in different wool, I think it's size 3 as well, any thoughts on what I should do?

I've never had this problem before, whenever I make a guage swatch it has turned out just right, and I've used the needle size the pattern calls for, so I'm kind of at a loss here.


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I don't get it either! I've never used bulky wool though. I'd take the swatches to a knit shop I trust and see what they think. Sorry I'm no help!

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I usually do my gauge swatches and count the number of stitches in two inches, not the way you are describing, but it sounds really odd your same number of stitches didn't change the swatch size.

I think you'd hurt your hands trying to knit bulky on 5s. Most people don't even knit worsted on 5s.


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I did post my question on Ravelry, and got some good suggestions, like to wash my swatch, which I didn't even know I should be doing! Lol.

I have done the ribbing on the size 3 needles, and just went ahead and started the main part on the 9's, I'm going to just keep an eye on the width, the other general consensus was that if it is a sweater for a toddler, a little room to grow isn't a bad thing Smile